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Our comic story

Bio Casa L'Energia

Bio Casa L'Energia
1. A boy named Bruno touring the world with his train and his friend elfie.
Bio Casa L'Energia
2. One day he decided to go through a thick fog, because everything had become gray.
Bio Casa L'Energia
3. In reality there was no fog, was the place that was all gray with no color. The sky, the houses, the people; everything was colorless.
Bio Casa L'Energia
4. Intrigued and a bit 'worried, Bruno left the train and went to see it more closely.
Bio Casa L'Energia
5. People not only was gray, but also seemed very sad. Who knows if everything had become gray, because people were sad, or if people had become sad, because everything was gray?
Bio Casa L'Energia
6. With his dark cloak to not get noticed he mingled with them.
Bio Casa L'Energia
7. He followed a family was shopping. Not much choice, only products packaged in boxes, frozen, dried ... but nothing fresh.
Bio Casa L'Energia
8. From a window, he saw what became of that food when heated.
Bio Casa L'Energia
9. He came almost throw up. That's why all were gray and sad! You can not be bright and happy eating these things.
Bio Casa L'Energia
10. But the most terrible thing was that it seemed resigned and ate other crap in front of the TV.
Bio Casa L'Energia
11. "We need to help these poor people", he said to her friend. "We go into the enchanted forest to see who you know."
Bio Casa L'Energia
12. With the train moved away from the gray city.
Bio Casa L'Energia
13. And with the magic key...
Bio Casa L'Energia
14. entered a world that few can see.
Bio Casa L'Energia
15. This world is the one of the spirits of nature that make plants grow beautiful, juicy fruits, colorful flowers...
Bio Casa L'Energia
16. and distill pure essential oils for health and beauty.
Bio Casa L'Energia
17. The little beings loaded on the train so many good things.
Bio Casa L'Energia
18. Bruno returned to the gray city to distribute everything.
Bio Casa L'Energia
19. All came and began to pick and eat right away this goodness and soon after eating, the colors returned, and all found themselves the smile and joy.
Bio Casa L'Energia
20. However, some were concerned already. "How are we going, what this food is finished? We have no access to the magic world!"
Bio Casa L'Energia
21. Bruno told them they could plant and grow these foods and those who could not make it or who was also looking for other natural products for body care, distributed a key.
Bio Casa L'Energia
22. As the enchanted world of the spirits of nature is accessible only to a few, this key opened the doors of another fantasy world, Bio Casa where anyone can go!


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To be continued...


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