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Bio Casa L’Energia Agno


The store:

The Bio Casa L'Energia in Agno, located next to the airport of Lugano-Agno, is located within the Center MMM Migros and is an international meeting point, modern and dynamic for those who, in full respect of self and nature, want to eat in a natural and genuine, reach a physical and keeping fit your body caring with natural products.

From the point of view of size, perhaps our shop is the smaller Bio Casa, but the assortment is definitely more! Our consultants competent, trained and qualified are at your disposal to advise you on the various diets, the different ways of eating, on 'organic food and natural cosmetics. Gladly accompany you in choosing the products that best reflect your needs and are able to give advice relating to issues concerning alternative medicine.

The relationship between client and Bio Casa is not based solely on the sale of products. Each meeting with you gives us new insights, broadens our horizons and increases our awareness. Thank you very much.

The energy of Bio Casa is in constant motion, capable of moving mountains. The excellent cooperation with our competent suppliers allows us to inform you about the latest news and thanks to our solid contacts with various naturopaths we always at hand the best solution for you. Inside us find qualified people, who advise you gladly in various materials, eg feeding of the five elements (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

We also offer:

  • natural food for children, to safeguard our future
  • a wide selection of organic food
  • dietetic food, eg. for celiac, diabetics, etc.
  • a large assortment of macrobiotic food
  • natural food supplements
  • natural cosmetics (not tested on animals)

On request there is the possibility to order fresh fruits and vegetables and organic, no plastic packaging and, where possible, in the region!


Bio Casa 5 Stelle SA
Via Lugano 21
6982 Agno - Centro Migros
Phone 091 604 56 19

Store Manager: Pamela Sperti

Opening hours:

From Monday to Friday:
from 08:00 to 18:30
(Thursday until 21:00)

from 08:00 to 18:30
(in winter until 17:00)


Bio Casa L'Energia Agno



Welcome by Bio Casa L'Energia!

In our 5 stores Bio Casa L'Energia, located in the best locations and present throughout the Ticino, as well as on the internet, we offer a wide assortment of products for your soul, your body and your spirit.

We focus your person, with your desires and your needs, deserve our attention! Your well-being is our and your satisfaction gives us the certainty of being on the right track. Give us wings to seek solutions even better for you.

To be continued...


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Bio Casa Agno

Via Lugano 21
Ph. 091 604 56 19

Bio Casa Agno

Via Borgo 49
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Bio Casa Bellinzona

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Ph. 091 826 29 84

Bio Casa Losone

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Bio Casa Lugano

Piazza Cioccaro 8
Ph. 091 923 74 65


We are at your disposal

    Bio Casa 5 Stelle SA
    Via Medoscio 137
    6597 Agarone
    Elisabeth K. Gautschin: 079 710 01 08
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