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About us

Bio Casa L'Energia


Our activity

In our 5 stores Bio Casa L'Energia, located in the best locations and present throughout the Ticino, as well as on the internet, we offer a wide assortment of products for your soul, your body and your spirit, like:

  • natural food, where possible in the quality Demeter (
  • a great choice of food supplements
  • high quality natural cosmetics
  • cleaning products, ecological and highly biodegradable
  • literature interesting and challenging, both for amateurs and for professionals.

Bio Casa L'Energia

Our competent and trained counselors are able to offer services that reflect your personal needs, to advise you, to help you solve your problems and to support you in choosing the products.

We focus your person, with your desires and your needs, deserve our attention! Your well-being is our and your satisfaction gives us the certainty of being on the right track. Give us wings to seek solutions even better for you...

Our roots

The never ending dream (by Bruno Gautschin)

The dreamThe Idea of building Bio Casa in Ticino has already started in my long and solitary trips with the locomotive of FFS; in 1963 a train had brought me to Bellinzona to start a new job as train driver. It rose up in me the idea of moving in life something else but locomotives, goods and passengers. In these days those trains have names as EuroCyty, but I had different view of life and interest, I had the interest in life itself. My desire was to live an active life. And then life, in 1969, gave me a beautiful little house with a big garden. In the fantastic Ticino where, at these time, everywhere everything was only Organic...

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Bio Casa's Tree (by Elisabeth Kühne Gautschin)

The treeI was born in a farm in the West of Switzeland, I was the oldest of 5 brothers. Obviously I haven't choosen the easiest life! Very soon I had to take care of houseworks: cook, clean, wash etc, but also to help in the stable and to do the the hay.

If I couldn't get it, they used to say to me”come on girl you can do it!”. I could never show my weakness, I had always to be the stron girl. Day after day I I was struggleling with the hard world of work. Till I was exausted! That was my reality. Cooking was the only joy I had in these days. I loved it and it was beautiful in summer time when our products were coming directly from our garden, for me was like something magic...

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